Top 8 Recently Released PC Gaming Accessories

download (17)Basking in front of the monitor playing games is a good pastime for many. It is always fun and pleasurable especially to the youth, teens and to the young at heart. The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative markets today. This is why many PC gaming accessories are being manufactured each year and new innovations are invented. Most consumers want the latest and popular PC gaming accessories to maximize their gaming experience. This year, here are the latest and eight most popular PC gaming accessories.

CH Products Fightestick USB
The CH Products Fighterstick USB is a programmable joystick. A realistic F-16 jet handle that is available for both PC and MAC users. It has 132 programmable functions. It has a color led indicator to indicate the gaming mode. It is durable and comes with warranty for every PC gamer to enjoy for a long period of time.

Saitek X52 Flight Control
The Saitek X52 Flight Control is powerful and smart technology software. It is a joystick for every PC gamer wanted and on top of the list wanted to buy especially to the Flight Simulator

Various Types Of Computer Repair Services

Various-Types-of-Computer-Repair-ServicesThere are numerous computer repair services, hence before choosing a right one it is important to know if the provider will provide you the required service; otherwise all the research work will be wasted. In order to give a better judgment, you should be aware of all the types of repair services.

Mentioned below are the computer repair services that are commonly offered:

• Virus removal: In this type of service, the providers ensure that the virus will be removed without risking the data or the information. There are independent service providers that only remove viruses. You can also get this service online, besides a complete service includes everything that is required to bring the computer into a safe condition.

• Hardware repairs: This is related to many physical damages that are incurred by the computer, or its accessories. This includes any dents, paint jobs or other structural issues that might be faced by the computers.

• Accessories repair: There are numerous accessories with a computer, like scanners, and printers, etc. which might need a repair due to

Tips For Purchasing Computer Hardware

download (16)You don’t have to be a computer hardware expert to make a wise buying decision if you are equipped with some basic knowledge on both equipment and how to shop. Here is some information about the desktop wonder, as well as some tips on how you might want to go about buying it.

While you see computer programs and operating systems run, you cannot touch them; hardware is possible to see and touch. In contains the processor which is responsible for data processing; the hard disk drive that serves as the storage space for pictures and files; the RAM (Random Access Memory), that takes care of various tasks and maintains the smooth shape of the processes, the sound and graphics cards that let you possess clear photos in addition to sounds you’ll like; the motherboard, where all the parts are spread out and certainly the modem, for internet connection.

You should note the part that you need before you go to buy computer hardware. If your computer is running slowly you may need to switch out a few parts. Doing this gives you the chance to add

Cleaning Tips To Keep Your PC Healthy

Spring is a time of birth and new beginnings. Spring also means that we spend time throwing open the windows and clearing our homes of accumulated clutter. The same should be true of our offices and our computers.

Too often we buy a computer, stick it on the floor “out of the way” and then use it. We turn it on and leave it for days at a time or we turn it on and off daily. How often do you think about the dust collecting on the fan? Dust is the number one cause of overheating and hardware failure. Smoke, pets, kids, coffee, lunch while you check email, and more contribute to PC problems. That’s why we should remember that regular maintenance is just as important to the longevity of our computers as it is to our cars and our personal health.

Before you do anything you should make sure you have a soft dust cloth, LCD anti-static cloth or LCD cleaner & soft cloth, can of compressed air, vacuum, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs. Remember to turn off the power to your computer before you begin any cleaning or maintenance. Also, unplug all peripherals and

Motherboard Maintenance Tips

Here’s some information regarding motherboards that you may want to know about. Though motherboard maintenance is not done by most people on a regular basis, here are some tips that you may find useful if at all ever you need to do it yourself. Note: Exercise constraint while handling motherboard circuit board components as it’s fragile and can be affected by even a small electrostatic discharge (ESD) passed on from your hands to the circuit parts you come in contact with! Make sure you are using protective anti-static devices/apparel before handling the motherboard. Also make sure that the power supply cable is removed from the socket before opening up your PC for inspection.

Motherboard maintenance tips –

* Assuming that the power cord is disconnected and you are using proper anti-static equipment, start by blowing compressed air over the motherboard to get rid of dust and grime. Make sure you hold the air compressor nozzle at an angle so as to blow dust out of the cabinet.
* After blowing air, use a small hand held battery operated vacuum cleaner to suck out any dirt left over inside the cabinet. DO NOT use a regular electric

4 Ways Of Taking Care Of Your USB Flash Drive

If you have a USB flash drive you need to take good care of it to prevent loss of data and damage of your appliance. To help you out, here are tips on how to take good care of your USB drive:

Protect it from moisture, cold and heat

Just like other mechanical devices, flash drives don’t respond well when submerged in water or exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s common for people to put drives in the pockets of their pants and shirts. While this provides convenience, the heat from your body can create moisture which might condense in the drive thus causing corrosion and damage to the electronic components located inside.

In addition to avoiding putting the devices in your pocket you should also avoid placing them in areas where they can get spilled on. Also avoid placing them in areas where they can be exposed to extreme temperatures such as near fire.

Protect the USB connector

The USB connector is the part that enters the computer so that you can access your files. Dust and dirt can get into the connector thus causing short circuit that would damage the electronic components

Taking Care of Your Computer

There are many reasons why you should take care of your computer. Number one, is that it’s a major investment for most people and you would probably like to keep it running for as long as possible.

There are various things that you can do to help prolong the life of your PC, both hardware and software wise. It’s always a good idea to keep your computer clean. A clean computer runs faster and lasts longer.

Here are some ways to clean and maintain the software (your operating system) on your pc.

1. Run the defragmenter utility, at least once every month or two. In Windows XP this can be done by going to your Start menu, then All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then select Disk Defragmenter. The defragmenter will help ensure that your files are located at the right place on the hard drive and should boost the overall speed of your computer.

2. Clean up old files. When you install/uninstall software frequently it can leave many unwanted files in temporary and system folders. In Windows XP, you should run the Disk Cleanup utility once and a while to clean things up. This

Tips For Defending Against a Virus

How to defend viruses is very significant for your computer system going well, so here are some tips to share.

1. Significant files must be copied. If program has destroyed, they could be recopied or bought. However, the statistics are very important, for instance, account statistics of three years or pictures paint for three months. It is frustrated when hard drive were broken some day so that the data were lost.

2. Preparing startup soft ware and protect it. It is better to check computer or clean virus when there is no virus, in this way you can find the real reason or deal with invading of virus. Therefore, it should make a copy of startup after install system for a rainy day.

3. Avoid using removable storage devices such as soft disc zip. Not only do not use others disks, but also the other computers, because all sorts of viruses could be brought home.

4. Install a antivirus software which includes scanning, prevention and killing will defend it validly.

5. Scan before using new soft ware can decrease the chances to poison. Positive to check will be helpful to stop poisoning.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss

How do you protect yourself from losing important data? Do you save your work as often as possible? Do you do backups? Here are a few effective tips on how to prevent data loss:

Backup your work
Backing up your work is simple thing to do: you can use USB’s, CD’s, or external drive, among others, to have a duplicate or backup of your work. Just in case your file was corrupted by whatever reason, you’re sure that you have a secured file stored. You can also try partitioning your hard drive into two: one for the operating system and some programs, while the second partition would be for backup. This way you won’t need to have a separate storage device while preventing data loss.

Use Antivirus and Antispyware Programs
Viruses, worms and spywares can delete, modify and corrupt your files. Right after installing programs on your computer, it is a must to install an antivirus and antispyware. Keep your antivirus updated so that it could be effective in preventing viruses. Always scan your computer using antispyware program because spywares could attack your files and give attackers access to it.

Use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Tips On How To Restore Files On Your Flash Drive

USB flash drive is known as one of the most popular and common data storage devices these days as it has a flash memory, which works with USB interface. In general, this storage device is removable and rewritable; another good thing about this storage medium is its user-friendly and handiness features.

However, like any other storage device, USB flash drive is also prone to data loss due to a variety of factors that may involve unconscious deletion, malicious software attack, incorrect ejection of the device, and others. In some cases, when a computer user attach his USB to a working computer, there is a big possibility that he may encounter a dialog box that says something like “Disk is not Formatted”. When he tries to format your flash drive, it may result in data loss.

Connect your USB flash drive into the free port of your computer system. After this, you should check and verify that your computer has a driver for your storage device. You can check this by accessing the devices and printers section of the start menu. Select add a device option and the computer will attempt to track your USB flash drive.

Computer Monitor Accessories

The right accessories will not only improve the functionality of your monitor, but can also help to make your workspace better organized. If you happen to spend a lot of time at the computer, then making sure the glare from the screen is reduced is a top priority. It is good to know that there are tools out there that can help with this, and other problems.

Anti-Glare Radiation Filter: This can reduce the possible effects caused as a result of the emission of harmful radiation. The computer monitor actually sends off unsafe radiation, and in addition, the constant glare can affect your eyes. An anti glare radiation filter, has been proven to reduce glare by as much as 99% in some cases. When the filter is placed over the screen, persons who experience signs of discomfort, as a result of using the computer for a long time, can expect to get some much needed relief.

Privacy Filter: This is a nice little gadget that can keep the information on your screen private. An interesting feature of the filter is it allows you to see everything on the monitor perfectly, when looking straight at it. However, the information appears distorted when viewed

A Few Tips On Buying Good Memory Cards And Other HiTech Electronic Accessories

If you have ever tried shopping for memory cards you know how difficult it can be especially if you don’t know much about them! Here are some basic tips to help you buy the best memory card that suits your needs.

Know the formats

There are many different formats available in the market as far as memory cards are concerned. Having knowledge about these is critical before you start shopping otherwise you risk buying a memory card which might be incompatible with your PC, digital camera or other host device.

SD Cards are a highly secure stamp-sized digital camera memory card, which weigh approximately two grams. Brands available include Sandisk, Toshiba, Kingston and Lexar. SD Cards can be used in a variety of digital devices, including mobile phones, digital music players, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, car navigation systems and electronic books. SD Cards have cryptographic security for copyrighted data based on proven security concepts from DVD Audio.

SDHC Cards are the next generation of SD cards but offer increased capacities (4GB – 32GB) and faster transfer speeds of up to 6MB per second (Class 6). These memory cards are primarily designed to be

Tips on How to Defragment the Hard Disk Drive

One way to maintain your computer windows system healthy is to defragment its disc drive. It helps increase the effectiveness of the PC. De-fragmenting is merely a trouble-free thing to see to.

Earlier than discussing the progression of defragmentation, enable us understand primarily with reference to fragmentation. It truly is the situation that occurs as soon as the operating system breaks a software into components. This may perhaps be because of not adequate space while in the storage tool the place the file was stored at first. Intended for instance, you modified a software that was stored in addition to it turned higher than its unique capacity. Consequently, it can’t be contained in its authentic physical size. The working windows system then breaks the computer program into two or essentially the most components although shops these into additional storage areas. Mindlessly, the windows system saves a report of the areas the place the software program fragments are saved. The software program system it makes use of is both NTFS or FAT (Program Allocation Table). These file strategies are like libraries which preserve a lot of quite a lot of data and documentation. If the kept PC software

Tips For Online Technical Support

When your computer is creating mess for you and you can not find right solutions, you set out in search of experts to pull you out. And the first choice is always the manufacturer. Then, you notice that your warranty with the manufacturer has expired and your computer is no more eligible for free computer support or repair from them. In such case the best thing you can do is search for online computer help and support.

Outlined below are some tips you can follow to narrow down on the most appropriate computer support vendor who can offer you the best value for your money.

1. Always shop around before settling on any particular source: Shop for different support companies and go ahead with the one which has better array of support services along with appropriate charges. It is completely futile to pay a hefty amount of money for something which you will use just once or twice.

2. Get credentials from experienced people: Do not sign up for any software support services if you are facing problems with your computer hardware. At times, computer users get baffled among which services to choose from.

Tips to Get the Best Service From Your Online Tech Support Provider

Machines never tell about the date when they are going to stop working and computers are no exception. Smallest of issue can prevent you from working on your PC. And in today’s tight scheduled era, it becomes very difficult to wait for an actual tech-support provider; hence, people have found an instant option of tech-support. Nowadays, many organizations are providing online/ on call computer technical support. But while getting a tech-support service, one should be cautious. To offer you an ease and aid you in getting the best service from your tech-support partner, here, we have provided some of the useful tips –

  • You should pay attention on rebooting the PC prior to you make call to the computer technician. You must keep your PC turned on and be ensured, you are well aware of the problem in your PC.
  • While making a call, you should talk politely, as the one who is offering you the tech support is also a human and the issue in your PC is not their fault. Apart from this, a polite sound will be encouraging for your tech-support provider, which will help you in getting a much better facility.

The Top 10 ‘Must-Have’ Laptop Accessories

You’ve laid out good money for your laptop computer, but you’re not done spending just yet.

There are a few more laptop accessories you may want to consider to make the package complete.

1: Laptop Case / Bag

As the newest member of the mobile computing force, you’re required to take an oath of safe computing.

And that starts with investing in the most important of laptop accessories – a laptop bag. You can’t very well go traipsing around the world with your laptop exposed to the elements.

When it comes to laptop bags, you can spend $25 for a small case made from less expensive materials on up to several hundred dollars for one made of top-grain cowhide.

However, in the end, the most important consideration is whether your case can hold your laptop, plus all the other goodies that go with it (like the ones described here).

2: Software

Did your laptop come with software? If so, did it come with the right software – the software you actually need to perform whatever tasks you need to perform?

Don’t just assume you have everything you need. You’ll

How to Equip Your Computer With the Right Accessories For You

Okay! Agreed this may sound funny. But the truth is that accessorizing is not just for what you wear – it is also equally important for what you work with – your computer or laptop. What you get when you buy a packed computer straight from the shop to your home or office is never enough. Also accessorizing does not mean buying headphones or getting a jazzy cover for your laptop.

Accessorizing can include any of the following:

o Operating System of your requirement (Windows/Macintosh)
o Compatible multimedia software
o Compatible office software
o Compatible hardware
o Webcam
o Connectivity options (Bluetooth, Infrared, etc.)
o Wireless keyboard or Mouse
o Monitor Protection
o External Speakers
o Extra Hard Disc
o Extra RAM Memory
o DVD player
o CD burner
o A printer and a scanner

Note that most of the above will not come with the PC or the laptop that you may buy off the shelf. So what will you get from the PCs that come in a box?

o CPU- central processing unit
o Fixed memory and hard disc space
o Monitor
o Keyboard
o Mouse
o An operating system that the

Top 10 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Computer Viruses

When your computer gets infected with a virus it can be a devastating experience. A virus can consume your precious computer files and even damage your computer hardware. Is this worth ignoring? I don’t think so! Anything you can do to avoid a computer virus has to be a good thing and is well worth spending your time on. We all know prevention is better than a cure so I am going to share my top 10 tips on how to protect yourself against computer viruses.

Top 10 tips on how to protect your computer from the nasties!

1. The first thing that I recommend is to research and become knowledgeable about viruses. How can you protect your computer from viruses if you don’t even know what they are. I have written about viruses. Articles like “What is a Virus and how do I know if I have one?” and “What’s the difference between a virus, spyware, Malware, and adware?” This information is available at my website.

2. Arm yourself with the best Antivirus software to suit your needs. Not everyone can get away with using free antivirus software because it depends what you do

Tips To Follow Before You Buy Computer Hardware

For a computer to perform as efficiently and effectively, good hardware configuration is a must. From the very basic functioning to running the most advanced softwares, the hardware set up holds the key. The component of a computer hardware usually includes keyboards, monitor, mouse, printers, scanners, Central Processing Unit (CPU), disk drives, digital flash drives, audio and video cards, motherboard, processor, graphic card, memory chips, RAM and cables. For proper programming and functioning of the computers, it is necessary that the above mentioned hardware is in proper functioning. However, while you are seeking to buy computer hardware, you need to recognize the several options you have at bay.

Although there are traditional ways you can opt while you look to buy computer hardware, you must also explore the dimension that online domain has brought forth. Today, there are innumerous hardware shops which operates online and facilitate online buying and selling of hardware products. The growing trend of online shopping provides you an array of options of choosing a large number of hardware products that are available under different brands and series. So, you may visit a large number of products with scrolls and clicks of the mouse.

Online Computer Tech Support Provides Quick and Affordable Remedies for Your PC

In today’s fast paced life, nothing is possible without computers. All over the world, computers have become the primary support system to millions, across all kinds of functionalities. Hence the world comes to a standstill if something happens to our desktop or laptops. There are many times that we face the problem of a slow running computer, or a non responsive machine, and don’t know how to fix the problem. Many of us who are regular computer users don’t know the complexities of the hardware and software that make a computer run. So, when something happens that is beyond our control, we generally panic.

This kind of problem can crop up at any time, and can take you by complete surprise. But worry not, as there’s a fairly easy way to deal with this problem. There are remote service providers, who are referred to as online computer technical support, who can fix your PC problems just over a phone call. It sounds too fantastic to be true, but it is how many around the world are fixing their PC problems at all hours 365 days. The most reassuring thing about these kind of service providers is